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one love

a collection of stories by hugh mosno
visuals / lindsey appolis & sipho mpongo
web / themeticus 


trees are love manifest
the trees don’t know how to lie
when a forest grows
its like a giant truth made of love

one love

all the love in me, is the same love found in you, when you see another human, you’re just seeing another version of yourself, everything from the very best to the very worst. we are all on the same path, as a single entity, separated only by our perspectives


a collection of stories & quotes by hugh mosno
visuals / lindsey appolis & sipho mpongo
web / themeticus 

girls in the hood

“how long have you been selling weed?” I asked “yor long yong, long, sieker since adnaan them left” she’s chatting on her phone and steering the car, not really worried about the white line. a calm fearlessness worn as a scarf throughout her daily movements. she pushes a healthy 250 grams per week on average but it can sky-rocket without warning. a wad of cash sits safely in her left breast, of which she has double the d necessary for a descent camouflage. she dates gang leaders and hardened criminals who have years behind their name and balances it with her warm and extended family. her favorite hooks are “yussis man”, “what was I gonna say now”, “now check here” and “don’t talk kak” as can be heard in every hour of every day. her fearlessness is what struck me most, she’s quite tough for a girl and I’m not sure in her heart she wants to be “taken care of” as it goes, but I don’t think she’ll object to it. I prod further “what do you want to do with this business?” she smiles and says “yor honestly, I just want to buy me a nice car!”


distance traveled has little impact, on the broad variation in strokes love paints each unique living thing with… no matter how far you’ve come or still have to go, the love is always right where you are


a collection of captions by hugh mosno
visuals / underexposed project & CCA @ UCT
web / themeticus 

that bra that thinks he can save the world with his salary

that bra

we all get our turn to be a poes, skipping your turn is an art form.

love from the 021

interctive web movie by hugh mosno
visuals / lindsey appolis
web / themeticus 

jou nwaatas kom haal jou in

love from the 021

if you must fight, try to love with the same conviction

rise up brothers build shit that lasts & forces the centuries to pass before any improvement can cast a shadow on your design

Lindsey Appolis
Sipho Mpongo
Hugh Mosno

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but aweh

the death of me
reborn into the perspectivelessness of we
struggling to put aside my petty perspective
so that I may scribe with sincerity
the essence of my soul