021  by  HUGH MOSNO
 © marie tharp  © lindsey appolis   

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everyone has a voice
this is mine
find yours


fake is a form of fear


loan mines

when you try to own something
you forget that you are everything


where one lives

john doe and john love
they are the same person
doe's responsibility ends at his surname
love's responsibility is to know all as family
doe is living in separation
love is living in oneness


always fresh

must never meet tomorrow
and tomorrow
must never meet today

one should have
no sense of tense or time
one should have no attachment
to anything or anyone
and at the same time feel no separation
from anything or anyone


the click

hidden in the cipher of plain sight
perceived without perspective
there lies and truth revealed
neither destination arrived at
or revelation contrived
rather a home coming
the culmination of aeons


on being black

there is more chance of a snake
coming across an ignorant man
than there is for a man
coming across
a poisonous snake


first person view

you're on your deathbed
you call your children
and grandchildren to your bedside
you ask one of them to fetch you
a piece of paper
and something to write with
& when they return
you start drawing
and writing
and sketching
and after a thousand heartbeats
you hand the piece of paper
back to the them

you've just drawn them
a map to the truth
so, what does it look like?
and where does it lead them to?


this claimer

you’re not going to like
everything you read here
just like you don’t like
everything about your self
but when you love
like becomes a thing of the past


a helping hand
raises me up
by my right hand
lifting my spirit
and I in turn
use my left hand
to raise my other

each one must
save his own soul
but it is so much easier
if we struggled
and strived as one

it is my soul's desire
to see us move
as one

clothed eyes

if you take an apple
and slice it in half
and close your eyes
we all more or less
see the same thing
in our imagination

but when we take the earth
and slice it in half
and open it in our minds
we all see very different things

the inability to construct
an adequate picture
in your imagination
of what a cross section
of earth might look like,
is directly proportional
to the depth of one's
spiritual awareness

what do you see
when you look within


sea of change

life is like a puzzle...
there's this picture
or outcome you imagine
and the pieces you need
to build it in the physical world
are scattered everywhere...

but, as you gather the pieces
the picture keeps changing
and the pieces you had collected
fit into a view that has not so much faded
but was bound by a ceaseless changing



if you must  fight
then try to love
with the same conviction


family discounts

you only pay
for who or what you don’t know
everything else is free


inside out

the man who pressed his brother down
became depressed himself



what conclusions can be drawn
from an imagination that is infinite


arrested development

inspiration is omnipresent
its your attention
that comes and goes


rightness vs kindness

there is no such thing as sin
only souls stumbling in the dark
searching for the light


the final curtain

let the record show that I tried
before I died to the tides
of what if's and why's


time traveller

1500 years ago
no muhammad
no koran
no muslims

2500 years ago
no jesus
no bible
no christians

3000 years ago
no buddha
no tripitaka
no buddhists

how far back in time does one need to go
before you have nothing left to lean on
and have to think for yourself?



don't live in your thoughts
use your thoughts to live


schools of thought

those who don't know
need something to believe



the abolishment of slavery means nothing...
only when we abolish the concept of mine and yours
only then  are we truly free from slavery


truth be sold

inside of oneness
love knows no language &
truth has no home


one love

family is not everything
family is everyone


first place

if all soccer players practice honesty
there would be no need for a referee or linesman...

if we teach our youth to depend on a referee or a linesman
as to abandon their own sense of honesty
then we allow our youth a scapegoat

we shouldn't suddenly stop using referees,
but when did we start needing them?
and can honesty replace them?

the burden of a potential loss placed on our youth is great.
too much emphasis is placed on winning
and too little on honesty

our youth must be taught to play to learn
because then they can never lose
then the burden of honesty is lifted
and a loss can be reframed as a learning
and a joy can even be felt for the winning team

this sense of oneness
must be restored in our youth



happiness is not a pinnacle
it is only a slice
of a much bigger pie
and an even larger picture

what you're looking for
is looking for you too

but know this...
those who seek happiness
should abandon their search

they should instead seek truth
for the journey toward truth
is filled with an ending bathed in light

a happiness born out of a feeling of oneness
where a lightness overcomes your physical being
and you at once are endowed with the ability
to raise your physical body from the ground at will

you are only a reflection of your perspective
rejecting, assimilating or remaining indifferent....
these are the only tools at your disposal

if we abandon our perspectives
as to move toward perspectivelessness
the happiness we once sought with perspective
will wither into nothingness without it


optional choices

one day there was milk...

then another day came
when milk just wasn't enough
my brothers then came together
and decided to give the people choice
and so, fat free and full cream milk was born

then still another day came
and one of the children asked
"papa do we have fat free and full cream cows"
and papa replied
"no my angel, we only have cows...
it is the money-man who sells you the choice"


the narrator

while watching someone else's life
her own life stood still...
and after drying her tears
she returned to her perspective


state of the nations

when a mind can be used to amplify an idea
their mentality must first be rendered susceptible
only then can the idea shine through them
and they in turn are then used
as vehicles of love or fear



it can take a lifetime sometimes
to realise why it is that you're here


the somethingverse

we are the keepers of the flame
from where mind can be lit
while singing still your own heart


ancient thoughts ago... the followers of the great sretsis fought the ethereal war against the reapers of the same, led by the vile rehtorb... the start of the never end was marked by the coming of the seven sisters. revealing themselves only as thought, together they reflected the face of one love. silatnem could change not only the shape of things, but the minds of men, tiralop, itarbiv, tyhr, itasuac, opserroc & endeg, each gifted... but the cosmic cleansing had separated the sisters of one love, and so to entwine their intentions with timelessness, the siblings merged themselves into every soulful atom across the somethingverse... a dance had begun, one that will last for all human heartbeats, seeking to reunite the sisters & reignite the memory of the legendary eson, son of jam


air to the throne

during the great gathering on mars in 2718, the fate of earth was decided in a game of rock paper scissors. the interplanetary delegates assembled had been in talks for days prior to the final clinch fisted blow

eson, son of jam, was at the time the most respected interplanetary explorer and the long standing ambassador of earth to the furthest galaxies. to humans he was the invisible ether that bound entire systems together by his very name. such was the power of eson, son of jam. when the final fist had fallen, eson stood victorious, but not relishing in his victory, he took to his knee, bowed his head and said "to none... but all... forever"

these words marked the end of a love story in the solar season. earth was evacuated under a new intergalactic treaty and declared an h-free system. for the next 10 000 years, no human being would inhabit the earth, all other lifeforms would be left to flourish by the will of time and any manner of structure or system would remain as they lay. religion's final tombstone, laid to rest


the story never ends

many flying species survived the great cleansing, many early humans too, one such family was shuuk and suddah's, coastal foragers sleeping high in the mountains. there were very little flying flesh eaters in their lands for long periods of moons, and there was enough food every where, everyday, all the time

the mountain's cliff is what created and sustained their little microclimate, shielding them from the noxious gases spread across the planet... the shape of the shoreline, the heights of the flanking mountains, the spume of the surf and all the energies of the mountain came together to provide a sort of safe zone for him and his extended family, neighbours and some visitors. the south of the planet holds many secrets, one of them an entrance to a core cave system, an eden discovered by accident one day while diving for giant shell grabbers, zappos as they were named

wuuko, suddah's second cousin went down into the water, past the last barrier of rocks, the shell grabber spots him and does a speedy dive, wuuko follows him down quickly, he kicks hard and points straight, but there was really no where for the zappo to swim, and as if it had pushed through the sand, it just kept going down and down... with very little breath left he courageously follows the zappo further down... he kicks, pushes harder, starts using his hands, almost within reach, and then, as if entering a rock shaped chimney that seems to be lit from above, he follows the zappo up... he glides all the way to the top, and there it was... incredible... the entrance to an underground network of caves that stretches in different directions for what seems like forever, fresh water, green flora and a light as bright as day

wuuko swims cautiously toward the cave's shore and looks around, and up and down, it seemed impossible what he was seeing, a cave garden complete with fresh water and food ready to move in to. he couldn't understand how the light was coming in, how it was so lit, so luminous... he decides to return to shuuk and bring back some others to see and experience this amazing find... on their return, their faces reflected their thoughts... the fearless aakhtee starts a sprint down one of the cave's tunnel openings until he disappeared into the distance, eventually stopping he loudly shouts  "kah poo lee lee... kah poo leeeeeeee..."  and they all start laughing, almost quietly, as if to themselves...



I'm not afraid to die &
not because I'm fearless
but because I understand
that when I do come back
I might not remember who I was
but I will recognise who you are
by how you live...and that is how
I will know who I am


the flip side

my cousin linney was born into
what most would consider middle class
he started wholesaling mandrax in the late eighties
and supplied a huge portion of cape town
most don't enter lightly into such lives...
at 27 a turf war earned him 2 shots in the back of the head
the two gunmen took nothing from the house
it was strictly karmic business


universe city

so I told her

"I can move the pen with my mind
and so can you, you just forgot
or lost belief, or both"

she smiles and says

"show me"

I say

"if you pay me 1000 monies
I'll show you, isn't that what showmen do..."

she smiles and says

"what if I pay you, will you really show me?"

and I said

"if you're willing to pay me to test the limits of your own belief
why not do it for free?"


an inconvenient truth

healing is seeing the meaning in the feeling
and the bulk of that, is letting go


small things

many nights when my other half falls asleep
I'll carry on working into the early hours
when she wakes up during the night
she will always come to find me
and ask me to come and lay with her
until she falls asleep again, and so I do
and when she starts softly snoring again
I get up and return to my desk...
I love doing that for her

season 1 episode 1

feeling is the truest form of knowing
you can't ignore what you're feeling
but you can certainly try
and most people do
for their entire life


if choice is a rudder
then what is "the will of god"
if god is in control
then what is suicide?

guilty parties

thinking in tenses
are one of the many culprits
that take you away from the now


I have this hunch
that if jesus and muhammad had twitter
and each of them had say 1 billion followers
I suspect that the two of them
would follow each other
because they’re cool like that
and would it not make sense
to do then as the prophet does?

leaders see the good in all beliefs
while followers see only the good in their own

word without when

there are thoughts
that haven’t been thunk for eons
and then suddenly
you are reminded of something
that you haven’t thought about
in 10 000 years
& it all makes sense again


a true leader strikes love into the fear of men's hearts
so that they might inspire themselves into the light direction

the why of the how

and then beng asked
how do I get better at focusing
and feng answered
the answer to that question
lives in the answer to a different question

and feng continued
the essence of your focus
is rooted in the answer to the question

"what do I choose my focus to be"
the answer to that question
becomes the root of your focus

your life
the answer

how you gonna make

the dream is this huge piece of marble stone
you are given a chisel & some time
to carve whatever human experience
you choose to chisel out for your self
its almost as if
you need to fetch your dreams
we all want our me to feel free
but most don't enjoy the admin
that inevitably comes
with their dreams

the verdict

we put a man on the moon
but we didn't put a man
inside his daughter
we take responsibility
as a collective for
certain events
but for others
we acknowledge no part

and in other news....

the thought
that counts

README  twelve years spent in a schooling system that leaves you worth no more than R10 p/h & you evens get a certificate to prove it... it helps if you read this story with something to write with, it helps to draw as you read along, try it, you have nothing to lose, but aweh...

show me the story

double impact

some humans are powerful
they use their own thought energy
& rope in some of yours while they're at it
to move their own realities forward
powerful stuff right there

about today

try to see through
the eye of your mind
not perpetuating how it is
but how you wish to see it be
and make this possible
through everything
you think and do

I write for my culture
& to remind myself too
that a rose can bloom
from a crack in some concrete

the love is always
right where you are

no escape

not all stories have a lesson
& not all lessons can be told as stories
some kak you must just feel

game changer

what if everyone
meant anyone


one day when I grow up
I want to be like me

same witch
different bitch

the drama queen
appearing anywhere and at any time
using anyone as her vehicle
the drama, whatever it may be
is forever seeking to draw you closer
your susceptibility is her fuel
your distraction is her victory

eye of the tryer

we live in a world
where anything is possible
even you getting over it

soft truths

nothing is personal, everything is energy

few go through life considering this even as a possibility
we want it to be personal, we need it to be,
because only then, will our illusion be rendered true

there is nothing happening to you
its just happening

miss anona

thought, as well as spirit
are viewed by some, as commodity...
if you don't use your mind &
if you don't feed your soul,
someone else will

simon says

xenophobia, water crisis & such things
are just barometers to ascertain the general sense of mind...

the susceptibility of your thoughts to be lead or
the sense to think for & lead your self

the art of letting go

if you teach your sons to forgive
you teach the path of a man
but if you teach your sons
to forgo the need for forgiveness
you teach the path of a human

delayed flights

my deepest regret
is that I didn’t let go
when I should have,
so that I could move onto
the things I needed to


don't let the mind
allow the body
to take the soul
for a poes


closer and closer
to where I want to be, to where I want to go
to where I was before, before I use to know
that all perspectives flow like tides from high to low
or so it goes...

closer and closer
to understanding all that I still need to know
that proof is not experience, only how to know
and feeling is the fuel that teaches how to grow
or so it goes...

closer and closer
to who I need to be, the who I need to know
the person that I found while learning to let go
but now I can't get back to what I use to know
how does it go...

half time speech

I am a soldier of one love
I am fearless
my fight
is with my self
a perspective that must die
so that I can know perspectivelessness
so that I can be we
and feel what it means
to be one with everything
to feel it
to know it
to understand it
in a way that once there
provides no way of return...
maybe that's what scares me the most
that I will win the fight
and say good bye
if only in my mind
to a bru I really graan...
its hard to kill something you love
but it is not a death
without a birth, and so,
no longer shall I kill hate
forever now shall I birth love
use my thoughts to create love
mark my territory with love
create instead of react
love instead of fate...
there is no need to fight
the war is in our minds...
I will meet you on the battlefield
and we will reduce it to a playing field
so that our children may feel safe to wonder
as far as their minds can see
without any harm coming to them...
I have a dream
and now my dream
lives in you

judgement in D minor

people who judge
develop an ear for it
an acquired taste if you will
and if your will is acquired
then your tastes become limited


the best stories I ever read
were the conversations
happening in my mind

but my mind sometimes struggles
to put aside my personal
and most petty perspective,
so that I may scribe with sincerity,
the essence of my soul

each story is a chord
each month a riff
an evolving guitar solo
streaming vibrations of love
from the 021

I appreciate your time
the effort it takes to read a story
but aweh, nuf sed

lekker gebou

rise up brothers
build shit that lasts
and forces the centuries to pass
before any improvement
can cast a shadow on your design

I and I

I see through you
I see through me
I present in the both of we
just seems like you and me


lets say about half the people in the country watch the news
and tonight, there’s a three minute piece,
about some prominent person
disrespecting another in public view...
over the next few hours, days or even weeks,
that message gets repeated, something like...
“did you hear about...”  and so,
that piece of irrelevant nothing, masquerading as news
and originating from insincere intentions,
is transferred to the next me,
and the sonic boom reverberates through the nation,
verbally, digitally, mentally and otherwise...

why would someone do this?
why would someone,
knowing the effects of such an action,
consciously waste the precious thought energy of the collective,
and cull their brothers and sisters
into using even just five minutes of their day,
to speak and think about something
that is not a positive, motivating force
within the invisible borders?
I don’t need an answer,
I just wanted to put the thought in your head

made in cape town

all the love in me
is the same love found in you...
when you see another human
you're just seeing another version of yourself
everything from the very best to the very worst...

we are all on the same path, as a single entity
separated only by our perspectives


the body gets cut, heals in a few days
the mind gets attacked, lasts a lifetime
the soul asks why?

daily bread

practice peace
remain secret
& come meet

glass ball

inside of myself
is what I see out here


some days I feel like saving the world
other days, I just understand...

joy ride

everything you need is with you, still,
try to surround yourself with mentalities
that help draw out inherit faculties in you

beautiful lessons

I was trying to share my focus
with someone who cared nothing for their own
and instead of being lead by my own will
I felt dragged along by everything that distracted her

what moves you?

for some
distraction is a life sentence

invisible handcuffs

most get bored by some thing
before they tried getting good at it
its not that the novelty wears off
its the will of your attention
that is so easily arrested

the how of the now

he took something beautiful
& turned it into nothing
she took the same nothing
& turned it into a beautiful something

short & sheek

I could live with a broken heart
but I couldn’t live without the internet

the eager seed

so i ask him
"do you see that match stick on the table?
do you think I can move it with my mind?
I'm going to show you how to do it..."
their six year old minds are bleeding
for something to believe in
one says
"show us how you do it!"
and I asked
"but what will you do with such power?”
and another asks
"just show us..."
I tell them
"you know that I can move the match
and a tiny piece of you
believes that you too can move the match
but how?"
they continue
"just show us..."
and I tease them saying
"maybe you’re not ready?"
and they all say
"we're ready!!!"
eager to learn the secrets of match magic
I tell them
"if I show you how to move the match today
it might be an enemy tomorrow
or a school building the next...
without the ability to control your thoughts
you will never be able to control the match
and if you can’t control your thoughts
then you will have difficulty in moving yourself"
they all pause for a second, and then one says
"are you going to show us or not?"

vibrational impact assessment

we affect & infect each other
I mean, what did you do with your thoughts yesterday?
did you try to build yourself up?
or did you use it to try to break someone down?


I was drawn to her
but at the time she didn’t feel the same
our paths had crossed many times before she had felt something even small
but even then, she didn’t really know what the feeling was
months passed and we started connecting for longer and longer
until a time came, when we couldn’t be apart...
she wasn’t the type of girl I would have normally been attracted to
but the feeling would surpass any superficial barriers
enough to carry my curiosity further, to want to know & feel more with her
I don’t think I was the type of guy she would normally go for either
but I seemed to have grown on her as the time passed
and instead of a love at first sight sort of vibration
the love grew slowly from an understanding that formed between us
almost like a respect for each other

one's a crowd

even the tiniest audience
provides its pleasure
even the audience of one
provides its measure

mind - time = timelessness

there are ideas alive today
that surpass even the minds
who fashioned them for our use

thinking timelessly
is thinking selflessly
I mean, what could I create (today)
that will not need
to be recreated (tomorrow)

any given monday

it was the first class of the day
dylan is distracted
trying his best to distract me
and the rest of the class
he challenges me
in the class, but of course
I respond with strategically sincere love
I pretend to ignore him
but he’s persistent
so I decide half way into the lesson
to teach from the table standing in the front of the class
he then, seated in his chair
starts sabelaring, quite fluently, as a taunt
an invitation, but of course I cannot get on that bus
so I offer him one of my half-time speeches
I raise my voice & my vibration
I push my entire being through my voice
and in his direction
I make him feel me
in no uncertain terms
and he does, I can feel him feel me
after my five minute speech directed at him
but still speaking to the class
I tell them
"I want yous to have everything
a jas house, a jas car, happy times, lekker vibes
I want yous to have everything your heart wants
I wish... I could give you the world...
but I can't... die woorde is al wat ek het..."
I told them that I loved them
and I meant it and they felt it...
two girls in the back started crying
when the siren sounded, dylan stormed out of the class
without waiting a second...
three periods later
our paths cross down one of the corridors
without any of his classmates
I see him seeing me see him, and he looks right at me
then he walks toward me, puts out his left clinched fist
and says "irie king"
that might not seem like much to most people
but to me, it was as worthy a victory
as great as any battle fought in our time

letter to a human

I'm slowly learning
that true love
is living your life selflessly
in service of others....
we can never go back to what was
sometimes we want things the way they use to be
the way we imagined it would be
but that's not how it works
you cannot try to orchestrate with nothing but your own wants
the universe will give you a moerse klap and you will come meet yourself on your knees, crying thinking about kak you shouldn't be thinking about...
and when you look again
its all over
none of it matters
and nobody gives a fuck...

the why

it only bothers you
if you think about it
& you only think about it
because it bothers you


when I felt that familiar emotion
I knew I still had a long way to go...
a feeling never seems to leave you
you just stop connecting or identifying with it...
as if you have a choice in how you get to feel
just by focusing on the why of the way you want to feel
you get to be the feeling you feel to be
and in so, you start to feel not the feeling
but the feeling of the being in you


the best plan is to love
what you choose to do

join the conversation

what are we talking to each other about?
what are we feeding each other?
where do our conversations lead?

just keep swimming

nobody really knows
what they want to do
everybody tries anything
sometimes everything
before they score a try

i c u

its easy to talk the "one love"
but living it...

speaking to your self

you’re on a stage with a microphone
and standing in front of you
are all the billions of humans on the planet
you have their full attention
you need to leave them with some thoughts, anything...
what would you tell them?
what do you tell all those people?
now there are no right or wrong answers
but another way to answer this question
is to imagine yourself having dinner
with your 90 year old self
just the two of you
and you ask her the same question
but she answers you without flinching
so... what did she say?

love tastes lekker

I have many many many aunties where I retain fridge rights,
as if its my own mother’s home, a privilege I value...
because inside these many fridges are hidden treasures
stuff like homemade butter cookies & chocolate fudge brownies, such kak...
but have you noticed, you must have noticed,
there are some aunties who’s food just tastes better than the other aunties
and there is always that one aunty who attracts hoards of second servings
the other aunties don’t come close to her basic potato salad evens, and everybody knows it,
you can taste the food has been prepared with love
that’s what keeps them coming back, its made with love...
it sounds too simple to be true, but the missing ingredient, is usually love

jane awesome

with army in mind & silence in hand
she became unstoppable...

the dream editor

my me has experienced moments,
feelings that I cannot put into words...
& there is something about going there
about being there, where ever there  might be for you,
that most times cannot be put into words,
& because we cannot put love into words
we are gifted our lives
to live the words
we cannot put it into

love letter to a student

you are ready to love
you have the spirit in you...
the best guidance is gratitude
stay low stay humble
stay learning stay focused
everything you need is already yours
live your life selflessly
that is true love

peace and ♥

thoughts are the fundamental building blocks of our very existence

most express a universal symbol for love or peace, but what is the symbol for thought? the symbol of an idea could maybe be a glowing light bulb above a human head, but a thought, what would that look like? and how have we managed to get so far on our journey, without having something as fundamental as thought, distilled into symbol & dispersed universally?

just a thought


first you get the feeling
then you see the sign
then you feel the message
as if you’re reading blind


I don’t know her
but when she sings
I believe her


the spirit will succumb
to the will of the mind &
and the state of the body...

being human

am I not a writer if it never gets read
or am I not a writer if it never gets felt?

hard truths

the first step to recovery
is admitting refined sugar is a drug

inside out

your shortcomings as a you &
my shortcomings as a me
is our shortcomings as a we

grow your own imagination

lies are like truths, wrapped in belief
lies are not told, they are sold...

general knowledge

during an interval two young students come to sit beside me and ask with a stern seriousness “sir... how do you get the girls?”... I smile and tell them “one day I was inside of this girl, we had paused during sex, interrupted by a loud knock, and at that very moment I told her something that made her laugh, and when she laughed, I could feel her vagina squeeze my penis with every chuckle” they both laugh a little giggle and then I tell them “when you make her laugh, her vagina is laughing too, and if you can make her laugh all day, she might wanna hang around you all day, and that will increase your chances dramatically of getting the girl...” that little story seemed to have excited them and they both thank me as if I had given them the missing puzzle piece to their manhood... I mean, what would you tell them?


learn & give what you can
& then move along swiftly...
avoid trying to squeeze forever
out of every relationship

the constant gardener

the young live in their imagination
until we take them out of it
and then take it out of them
and then they do it to their young

kahlil was right

I awoke from a dream that had left me with the very real emotions associated with the events in the dream. I realised fast that it was just a dream... and as the noise of familiarity ushered me back to my wakeful state, I had the realization that all I was awakening to, was another dream, my dream inside of thee dream, that feels so real... a never-ending dream of ever changing thought and form

love bites

once bitten & twice shy
but what comes after thrice?


you never need to say anything
we have forgotten how to speak without words

personal truth

why would anything in a dream
need to be real to be felt?
feelings don’t care for any reality
feelings will accept fantasy as her home

the universal agent

love dissolves all pain, all perspective & all purpose into oneness

the seed knows

I am the you of me in us
seeing we for what it is in my self


do you
that’s why you’re here...
& when you graduate from me to we
I’ll be there in the crowd
standing & applauding your intention

mirror me

people take & take
until they have nothing left to gain
people lie & lie
until they have only themselves to blame

wither forecast

quick to find fault but slow to find love...
these are the days of some lives

friendly reminder

if you cannot feel the love in you
why do you think that is?
where do you think it is?
where does love live?
I write for my culture
to let them know
that a rose can bloom
from a crack in some concrete
the love is always
right where you are


our reactions define us
they shape and validate our perceptions of ourselves
and give others insight into our thoughts

the privileged few

it was hard
but decisiveness usually is
if not coupled with understanding...
if you are able to forgo your own needs
in pursuit of a higher purpose
then you are endowed with the power
to not only move mountains
but minds too

I got this

if I fucked your woman
is she still your wife?
& if I think your thoughts for you
is it still your life?

be (come) ing

we are all born to live undivided
where perspective is abandoned in favour of awareness
and personal truth replaced with sincere intention
at the center of becoming either love or hate
is the state of being

play your part

no more love laced with lust
no more fear forced with fire
no more humans humming in hate
give a fuck

daily meditation

avoid regurgitating the bias birthed by the few-folk
feel the struggle of the many-mind
and direct the attention of your will spirit-ward


the young have no sense of time
bedtime is their curse
they experience only light and dark
and inherit the time thing  from us

that forever story

we are the all of us complicit in the evils and good around the planet, we shall the all of us burn and we shall the all of us be born again, forever and ever... aweh

slight of mind

judgement is a disease
carried and spread
by humans alone

honest lee

sometimes to tell the true story
you need to tell the story of your lie

koppel & kyk in dalaland

my deepest condolences for your lack of perspective
but there are people with nothing, not even hope
you at least have somewhere to read these words from


life is just love on repeat &
forever is just now in slow motion

focus pocus

when you’re sitting around feeling bad, mad or sad
the chances are one hundred percent
that what you're thinking about
is what is making you feel that way

there’s no other nommer

incremental love

the human mind is capable of limitless possibility
but with only seven subjects in one year
government schools have become a glorified
baby-sitting service
for parents while they work...
brewing boredom
the perfect bed for distraction to lay its head on
keeping them on a metronome of time & discipline
until they are ready to be let out of the pen

national thoughtcaster

why does someone still need
to schedule your information intake

human analytics 101

how many hours do you spend online? do you evens know? do you evens care?…welcome to “human analytics 101” where we reveal our thinking of your thinking, with simple pie charts, infographics, percentage bar charts and other glossy visual aids. we’ll cover how focus and thought generation as resources can be held captive and how to regain control of what gets into your thought stream. “human analytics 101” is a free course that needs no textbooks or lectures, it requires only sincerity on your part to be objective about the quality and length of each and every thought that you create

the persecution of mary jane

its logistically impossible to prosecute or detain all the weed growers, sellers and smokers, but please spare a thought for the few, who serve as the example to the many

something like a phenomenon

the entire internet at their fingertips
and still some find themselves
at a loss on what to search for
in which direction to lead themselves

hear ye, hear ye

people don’t want to hear the truth
they’ve been lied to for so long
that they’ve learnt to lean toward what
they’ve been led to believe
and because of the trajectory of this thinking
mainstream media as an engine
has curated a collection of minds
that feeds off being lied to

harvesting the hype

its hard to see yourself as part of what it is
the peace that can be found in silence
lies hidden inside the endless tide of distraction
and the quintessence of its trickery
is to keep them on the edge of their seats

the crux of the magic

me sounds so selfish
while we just feels better
them sounds so childish
while us just feels better
the right thing is often hard to do
just as good things are often hard to learn
love is not something you are taught
its something you remember...
what else have we maybe forgotten

the boy & the man

one day a young boy was walking...
his walk had a distinct purpose
as he was on a little quest
to find out about this thing called life...
he saw a man sitting on the side of the road
and stopped to tell him of his quest
and to find out if the man could help him in any way
the man smiled and said
i have just come from that quest
and I have met many men, young and old
and the wisest of the wisest
always tell me the same thing
love is the manual for life

born again

I take this now
to be my truthfully wedded wife
to love and to cherish
till death us do part

half the story

what you don’t know or feel
can be more important than what you do

looking back

sometimes we can see our mistakes
in the dreams of others

concrete jungle

she wasn’t accustomed to honesty or sincerity in such huge doses
and so resigned herself to the fact that he must have wanted something from her
she couldn’t see past her own expectations
and was blinded by her perspective
but all he was trying to do was be human...
its almost as if, she’d never met a real human before


everyday the same love happens
but all we see is the change

gavin s1 e7

gavin enjoyed how music reminded him
of the beat he failed to feel in his soul sometimes

gavin s1 e6

understanding that a murder or a rape was just the flowering of a thought
gavin began to unravel the gravity of his own thoughts

gavin s1 e5

following in the footsteps of a dream someone else had already had
gavin eventually lost pluk

gavin s1 e4

scared of dying & scared of living
gavin retreated to fantasy

gavin s1 e3

thinking about everything he thought he knew
gavin realised that he couldn’t buy into what he did’t yet know...

gavin s1 e2

one of gavin’s biggest fears
was to have been born a piel
and to have died a poes

did you know

some one

some where

right now

is dreaming

of having

the life

you have

relationship advice

it either feels like home
or it doesn’t...

a winning formula

I expect nothing &
I always get everything I got
I take nothing for granted &
I am grateful for everything

growing pains

when you’re a child
being around people feels very normal
its as if we are all drawn to each other naturally
but as we grow into adults
we become so disconnected from each other
that we practically become strangers
living right next door to each other
sitting right beside each other
sleeping right next to each other

cry the beloved vernacular

I love this cape flats culture with my entire being...
if shakespeare writes about a murderer or rapist
would you associate his own character with such vile actions?
more than likely not?
if I can be afforded the same courtesy
that'll be dope


some who envision their empires
fail to envision its end

sage advice

my mother use to say
a true lady, never gets caught


you can see clearly the amount of people
who exercise their bodies
the evidence is a body that is in shape

you can see clearly the amount of people
who exercise their minds
the evidence is a manner of mindfulness

mindfulness takes shape
when the spirit is at peace

what’s bothering you?

thunk funk

sometimes you are who you think you are, and sometimes you are not... you are caught "out of character"... as if you are acting for the better part of your life, its almost as if you're trying to be who you think you should be or maybe you're trying to be who you want to be perceived as? either way, you're trying to be more you... and every episode of your favourite series, or every repeat of your favourite track is either inspiring your soul, or quietly ushering you into distracted directions, mapping your mind to content that numbs the soul. the predominant quality of mainstream media is not designed to inspire, it is to distract, but a distraction from what?...

value your thoughtspace

brave thoughts matter

her mind was easily stripped for parts
sold to the highest distraction
nurturing a shadow of her truer self
succumbing to a life that none aspires to
and still fewer overcome,
struggling to remember
what she had been led to forget

the ceaseless pendulum

verily her forms take their shape from my mind’s lead
what want can I know in light of such abundance

alpha bitch

she has him wrapped around her thighs, her pussy releases a powerful venom, squirted directly from her mentality, his meagre salary is defenceless against her every request, but he is just another pawn in her pleasure arsenal listed alphabetically in her whatsapp directory of willing tentacles, a pussy-licking army of worshipers to do her bidding… she is my sister and we are experiencing this one love together

state of the nation

CAFDA ~ Cape Town

yaasien has three kids... asiqah is 14, and willingly took part of a semi-violent porn video, with very murderous gangsters, several of them violated her at the same time and recorded all of it... the video eventually comes to the eyes of yaasien in the form of "bra, kyk net wat maak hulle saam die ding" - "the ding" was his daughter, and after crying for most of that night, he broke all the windows in the back of their home and smashed her face in the worst possible way

his wife moena, is a tik addict and has been since just after asiqah was born, she had two more kids with yaasien, moeed four and saqib one... moeed turns 5 in february and doesn’t have any formal identification... saqib's mother’s tik addiction is causing his spine to grow totally out of shape, but his first struggle was in the womb, where his mother ensured he was addicted to tik before his mouth touched her breast... a day after he was born, the withdrawals from the tik was the least of the doctors concerns... he had not been born with a naturally formed anus as a result of a severely underdeveloped colon...

where are the parents I hear the lady in the back row shouting, to you lady I ask, where were the parents of the minds behind the creation of the cape flats? the group areas acts? and all acts of ill will? we are the all of us complicit in the evils and good around the planet, we shall the all of us burn and we shall the all of us be born again, forever and ever, aweh

no returns policy

I experienced a moving feeling recently... but it wasn't like a flash of insight, it was like the slow coming to boil of a long brewing understanding, coming to fruition finally, rising to its fullness in my understanding of it

birth-of-thought control

putting me out of your mind
is the best way to kill me
but like some sort of god
I will rise again in your mind
and you yourself having killed me dead
you yourself, will think me back into life

always on

we’re always writing...
we write with our thoughts,
we sometimes share it through our words,
which just points back to our thoughts...

kyk vir macbeth

how does romeo
explain shakespeare
to juliet?

that's like me
trying to explain to you
who and what god is

trying to reduce the infinite to mere words
is a falling short so grand
that its depths run infinitely

sounds produce belief

let us meet on this battlefield
but instead reduce it to a playing field
so that our children may feel safe to wonder
as far as their minds can see

girls in the hood

"how long have you been selling weed?" I asked "yor long yong, long, sieker since adnaan them left" she’s chatting on her phone and steering the car, not really worried about the white line. a calm fearlessness worn as a scarf throughout her daily movements. she pushes a healthy 250 grams per week on average but it can sky-rocket without warning. a wad of cash sits safely in her left breast, of which she has double the d necessary for a descent camouflage. she dates gang leaders and hardened criminals who have years behind their name and balances it with her warm and extended family. her favorite hooks are "yussis man", "what was I gonna say now", "now check here" and "don’t talk kak" as can be heard in every hour of every day. her fearlessness is what struck me most, she’s quite tough for a girl and I’m not sure in her heart she wants to be "taken care of" as it goes, but I don’t think she’ll object to it. I prod further "what do you want to do with this business?" she smiles and says "yor honestly, I just want to buy me a nice car!"

add vantage

that thing between the young and old, zulus and xhosas, english and afrikaans speaking ones, jews and muslims, rich and poor, educated and under-rated, refugee and seemingly free, that thing between, that divides, that has the ability to chisel lines in our minds and instil beliefs more solid than rock, the same sort of lines we etched into the earth to divide countries, the same lines that are invisible inside of one love


your phone... always within arm’s reach, earshot at the very least, I myself prefer email-tennis and enjoy the pause between back-hands, but to not be in the know is to not be in the now somehow or is the opposite closer to the truth?

girls in the hood: behind the scenes

I spent the entire friday night with her and acted as her runner, she was totally cool with it because her runner which is also her boyfriend was on a side-chick-mish and all she really felt like doing was being horizontal... her phone’s beeping becomes increasingly and incessantly needy from seven’ish up until just before twelve

the customers, a handful of them anyway...

keith, gavin, chella, drogba, kelly, candice, kelly’s sister, kelly’s sister’s friend and her bestie jade... no one older than 21... these guys come with two cars and a circus full of mense to buy half-a-gee, the person in their group in whatsapp contact with my sister orders one gee, so, she sends me out with one gee, I get to the cars and can see a cash count shuffle going on, which includes fifty cent pieces, they tally up seventy rand and tell me, "okay we only want a half rather" I smile and say, "yor bra, but a half is eighty!" – changing coke bottles lying on the backseat’s floor seemed like the next logical step for them, I tell them, "wait gou, I’m gonna go get a halfie" giving them time to get their story together

thea, single, independent and ambitious, late 20’s, call centre manager, looks like she had a tough week or a poes bad day, her hair wasn’t ready to meet me, she’s buying a 50 rand bag of fairly descent outdoor, I tap the passenger window, she’s weary as she doesn’t recognize the runner, I shake the bag of weed through the window and she releases the central locking almost pavlovically – she looks like she really needs to smoke! I flirt with her, she don’t mind, and her initially car-idling haste is veered of course as I dish her some of my bestest mating behaviour, she turns off the ignition and reaches for her cigarettes without taking her eyes off the conversation – I now had an audience – but I ask her only what I need to know, under the cover of the wooing. ten minutes past, I end the conversation and exit the car swiftly. the night was just getting started...

blurry doorways

it always excites new parents, their baby’s first steps, what if that same excitement can be felt by every human, toward every other human, as they step toward one love

could be nice

tough start

most nicknames are earned, others are handed down, sakkie earned his when he was just two days old, his malformed colon had curled inward as a result of his undeveloped anus, the doctors only able to reroute this deformity once he’s a little older, leaves a tiny bag hanging just outside his infant belly, a transparent reminder of his mother’s tik addiction

he's doing well, he looks like every other new born, only when you strip him down will you notice he has no anus and the bag hanging just outside his tiny belly will connect the dots for any on-looker as to why. his dad says that he just eats and eats because the programming associated with the hardware didn’t download the full update, so the messaging to the brain to stop eating is out of whack. the doctors are going to tear him a new one but until then, its a massive saving on nappies and every time he lets out a fart the little bag attached to his belly inflates and his mom immediately releases the wanting fart... his name is saqib, and we are experiencing this one love together

hammer falls

possessed by perspective, her dreams of possessions echoed through the ether.
possessed by one love, her internal vocabulary returned a no results found for the word "possession"

shorty pyjamas

contains traces of coconut & slang

for many people in the 021 sunday tastes like koesiesters... every burb has a typical titi serving up coconut drizzled love come sabbath morning, like aunty joghra out in pelican park, her granddaughter in pink pyjamas, is standing in your typical titi’s kitchen, waiting for a freshly dipped batch to be delivered to an old lady 6 doors down, seated and standing are three neighbours but nine plastic containers, as your bowl not your presence represents your place in the queue, I’ve hardly ever seen her need to provide change, the client or container is usually armed with exact cash, there’s a small tv in the kitchen which keeps her clients occupied for the few minutes they’re wafting while waiting, one of her kids has just gotten up and making his way across the passage to what must be the toilet, he gives a very sincere but voiceless smile and wave... there is not a sign outside her home or in the street... and still her legend grows... not every one can make consistently lekker koesiesters and this particular morning I decided to pit the three top aunties in pelican park against each other... I’m on my way to the third aunty in a one kilometer radius that’s making koesiesters this morning, outside her home is a young man, who seems to have arrived directly from his saturday evening, leaning against the low fence of the aunty’s home, stuffing koesiesters into his mouth, gazing into the sunday morning distance, I approach him slowly, with a smile and hit him with "... for most mense in cape town, sunday sieker tastes like koesiesters nuh?" he chews, nods, smiles, swallows and then says "aweh, light us a entjie and then we continue this conversation... "

the koesiester sunday league represents the top flight in one of cape town’s oldest pastimes... and honours once again goes to shaheeda out in woodstock with a landslide victory over her closest rival titi yasmina out in goodwood with a whopping 2145 bakkies during this past sugar season. a total of over 14 000 koesiesters and at R2.50 each that’s about R35K for these past six months, working mostly on sunday mornings between 5 and 10 am... next season is looking wide open for newcomer joghra climbing to fifth place after a terrible start to her season, when asked if she could grab first place from shaheeda during next season’s drizzle & dip she simply replies "Insha Allah"

dala rot, just another day at the office

he intended to kill that security guard, but there was no real reason to... he takes another drag of his entjie while rolling off some toilet paper, he parks it between his lips and as he wipes his ass, thinks about the heist he was part of earlier that morning, the rush of it... he can hear the music playing in the next room, his ice cold beer waits for him on the speaker... he flushes, washes his hands while checking out a pimple on his forehead, he leans in, looks closer at it, pops it using one hand but two fingers, looking around first, he walks out the bathroom and as he picks up his beer with his entjie hand, politely asks... "naaiers, wa my fokking nivea cream... "

he is our brother, and we are experiencing this one love together

the misdirection of education

the revolution is cunning, but real revolution is where you would give your life for what you’re standing up to defend... that’s a revolution naaier, not tweeting the revolution from the sidelines and then grabbing sushi in lower main road to discuss your disgust at the life you’ve already bought into... most people paid to put petrol in their fairly nice cars to get to the uct campus, why not free petrol? where does it end? why not take your degree that you deserve for free and use it to create a company that produces products and services for free... education should be free, but for fucksakes, take a real look at what you’re paying for, at what you’re buying into... are you honestly being educated? nigger please, that’s just third party validation of your skill-set... that’s not a fucking revolution, that’s more like going around in circles

and after we kill the boer and restore all his injustices, we must travel further into the past to make sure our endeavors are not narrow-minded attempts at feeding our fickle fantasies of transgressions within reach of our grandmother’s eyes... no... we must fight a bigger fight than that, one that goes back to transgressions against all humans that have gone before us, billions upon billions of minds and heartbeats, who lay as ashes, forgotten, but only for those who see with eyes alone... if rhodes must fall, so too must the entire building and erf that is uct, because it was his money that built much of the university, and after the uct erf is flattened, you must flatten rhodes memorial, you must kill his family, the businesses, roads and clinics he built, you must kill all the books he wrote and you must kill his spirit, and when you’re done, without realising that you have killed a piece of yourself, will you feel more alive then, will your reward be just, or will you be just like him, only standing on the other side of your own mirror, looking at him, but seeing yourself... education should be free, but we should maybe reestablish what exactly education is before we light the fuse...

loves knows no justice,
justice implies a side is being taken,
and one love knows no favourites unfortunately
god does not look less favourably on the cheetah who killed the young buck to feed her cubs

show me a blueprint for the now you wish to change and I will show you mine
show me the emotion you invest into your ideal and I will show you mine
show me your love... and your revolution will cease to exist


but aweh


I fantasize about leading the charge of an entire army
with nothing but pen in hand
toward certain death
but before I do...

I will love
I will abandon fear
tear its garment from my mind
do this for my self
for the ones who will still come
for the ones that have already
to free my self from anything outside of love
to pay my debt for the life gifted to me
I must love

1989 – PILOT: s1 e1: sara, protector of ojila, daughter of kiel & oni

deep in the south indian ocean. 2021

with homes in every province in most countries around the world and privy to a transport network few humans know exist, their new-age technology pales in comparison only to the mastery of their telepathic and kinetic abilities... their opulent lifestyle surpasses the superficiality of mere brands and as each new-born enters into their world, a planet is gifted to them, ownership transferred by the authority of the gift giver’s will alone... the real estate game has long since moved off the face of earth into the furthest reaches of our milky way

the families never fraternize with the general population, ever, and steer clear of any main stream anything, they are not off the grid as it were, they are beyond the reach of the grid... this is not a social event, this is a family affair and their opulence has afforded them a view of the planet that leaves no room for day time distractions of any kind... there is much to conquer

chaperons have a lineage treasured and valued as highly as any member of the line. Sara is an exquisite human being, she speaks hundreds of languages fluently, including signing, which she used often as a child with her siblings... she is skilled across vast philosophies and numerous disciplines... a chaperon is chosen and gifted as the right hand to every living member of the entire family, it is a life-long bond, a protector of equal caliber, ready to die for the longevity of the line

Ojila, is the eighth daughter of Kiel, a six year gap exists between a shaper and line child, an ancient birth rhythm is kept in sync by chaperon families all over the world, there are multiple chaperons to choose from for any one blood child birthed. Sara is the only chaperon to ever be chosen at five years of age because of her undeniable brilliance in all manner of adaptation...

Poghi is chaperon to Kiel’s wife Oni, she is also Sara’s mom and can outlast anything thrown at her. while growing up Sara’s mom would intercept her thoughts midstream and then say out calmly, "... sara, stop messing with your thoughts... " – it scared her that her mom could see inside her head like that, she remembered being excited at the prospect of being able to do such things to other people one day...

while a few million humans on earth collectively mourn the death of a super star, Sara and Ojila prepare to leave for the south of the planet and then onto a submarine hike of the trenches close to saint helena... one of their probes had recently discovered a new cavity just below the crust, closer to the old south end, that leads to a water filled well of unearthly beauty, unlike anything they’d both ever seen before, pure and perfect drinking water almost as old as the earth herself, this would be their second visit but first excavation... their excitement was in sync


as a young girl, she fantasized about not having enough video material with which to create a moving throwback of her meteoric rise to fame, when that day would inevitably arrive... it was thoughts like these, that sent her mind racing

very much so

I was always fascinated by wet dreams growing up, the ability for my body to ejaculate with thought alone, powerful stuff right there, pointing the way to our super human powers to affect the physical... with just a thought

leave for your senses

"I need to take some leave... " she reluctantly reminds him, they were in the same earning bracket just a year ago but now he was her manager "I might need the following monday off too" she adds, and all the while thinking about how she managed to land herself in a job that requires her to ask permission to live her life... "you can’t take off the monday too, jenny already put in leave for that day and we need someone on standby cindy" he answers while continuing to type and face his computer screen... she rolls her eyes without him catching her "that’s fine, I need those other days though please" she says in a subtle plead of the voice, he looks up "if its quiet on monday, you can leave at twelve" he tells her, affirming his domain of power. "why’t the poes must I come in for three fucking hours, when we both know its gonna be dead on monday and this poes still want me to drag my gat to work... what a poes!" she thought to herself as she smiles to him saying "thanks so much keith, that really means a lot" as he smiles back with forced sincerity

straddling back to her desk, before sitting down her collegue leans up and asks "did he give you the monday off?" she shakes her head and sits down, keisha smiles and helps to steer her attention "don’t worry about him, did you hear back from that other company yet?" – "not yet, but I really want that job you know, it’ll gimme the flexibility I need to get my own thing off the ground you know... but my exit strategy is already in gear sister" as they mimic high fives from across each other "... there must be a better way to live sister... " she softly remarks, tucking back into her computer screen, physically present but light years away...

these are the days of some lives

consumption : creation

consumption could lead to inspiration which could lead to creation, but consumption to creation is a ratio that few have in balance or care to mind... fruit takes a long time to produce, and is eaten in just a few minutes, sometimes a few seconds, and just so an entire lifetime could be shaped for the purpose of just a single second, a moment, in a future wanting to be called now

many years later

questioning his authenticity, she was instantly cured by his confidence, and the lifetime her mother had invested into her catholic indoctrination had all come undone, with nothing more than the blood packed head of his circumcised member and that confidence of his, or was it her weak mind that inflated her perception of him, either way... he himself was a test not of her conviction, but of her mother’s perspectivelessness, to love her unconditionally, withstanding love’s unlikely unions...

an impossible hurdle for most in the quest for one love is perspectivelessness, a long forgotten art-form practiced now only by a few cats... when we dress love in religious context, forever there will be a side to choose, religion’s trickery masking it’s greatest feat... division – the arch enemy of one love, the brother of distraction, the godfather of tribes

proximity warning

globally you have a 91% chance of falling-in-love, getting married to or fucking another human in a 50km radius of where you find yourself. down here in the 021, the odds drop considerably to a dismal 86% chance per 10 km radius... do you really love her or him? did you sell yourself short of a fuller human experience?

settle for love

shout out to all the peeps that will never know the internet or ever read anything online their entire existence and still manage to have a superior human experience... you are the envy of all 9-to-5-ers everywhere

the beautiful south

I love all humans. I’ve felt that feeling since a very young age and as I grew up, I realised many of the humans around me didn’t share the same sentiment. I was forced to practice my love in secret...

as a child I use to let the street children into our home, I used a whole loaf of bread, all my mom’s cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo, s&p, sliced in triangles and packaged in paper towels. my mom asked me "what happened to all the cheese" I was like "I don’t know, I did take a piece but not all... " it was seldom more than a talking to, harsh price to pay to feed some seriously hungry mouths...

when I married this trend had escalated to allowing vagrants to use my home as a pit stop, a shower, shave, and a hot meal with a take-away and whatever else I could help them with. one day one of the guys I was helping had not had a hot shower in so long, he used all the hot water in the geyser, soaking up every last hot drop, the bathroom wreaked of his scent and that’s how she found out. she was like "did somebody take a shower here today?" I was getting sloppy, not cleaning up my tracks like I use to. I couldn’t worm my way out of this one, she was on to me. I told her "yes, he’s a friend I’m trying to help, he’s just going through a bad patch" she says "but where does he live, why does he need to shower here?" quite a reasonable question I thought and I was like "he’s homeless" she was like "what do you mean homeless?" I said "he’s a vagrant living on the streets, he just needs a hand up" she was like "I don’t like it"...after that, the showering thing had come to an end. I mean, I could respect that...

I try to see all humans in a 1 minute high speed documentary, I see them being born and then chronological snapshots of their lives leading up to the point of me encountering said human. I’ve seen the good they’ve done and although most vagrants are lost, they are here with us. being lost on the street and being lost with a positive bank balance is still lost. what exactly is an ideal human meant to look like anyway... and an ideal world? what does that look like? to me its all the same beautiful mess, the same beautiful truth and together we make up, what it is...


most people write for themselves, one or a few hundred thousand humans, there is never a guarantee that your words will be met by all that are living, we do it for the love of the few in the hope that the many will, at the very least, remember you and your story... and give a beep

simple is bless

I know a man who has never left his country. inside these invisible borders he has learnt all the lessons life had chosen for him to bear witness to. if I showed you his heat signature on an interactive map, watched as a time-lapsed video over 70 years, played within the space of 5 minutes, you’ll notice that he hardly left the city within a 50km radius of where he lived. none the less, he lives a good life by any standard and is content with himself and tolerant of others. love is his fuel and his reward. distance traveled has little impact, on the broad variation in strokes love paints each unique living thing with. no matter how far you’ve come or still have to go, the love is always... right where you are

that thing

some humans, including myself, provide context, associating themselves with a particular event, experience or person in the hope that this will add to peoples view of them... for example, listening to a speaker give a technical lesson, during one of his closing chapters, he buffers a concluding point with "... and on my year long trip to india... " now harmless as this might seem, the knowledge about his trip to india, even as an analogy, was overkill, for the insight that never followed

earth child

I moved out of cape town about 4 years ago and have been living on earth ever since...I love cape town...I am proudly south, african and human... but no more. I must abandon this pride, I must forgo this self to attain total creaminess... and so... I remove myself from the nationality given to me in thought and accepted by all who see me practice my choice. I must forgo my culture, my class, my creed and my covenant with death... I must forgo my self... ... ..but why? its then so lekker!


try writing without quoting a book, movie, song, event, experience. try writing without using anything other than totally new and original creations from the depths of your imagination and see if you can. its harder than you think. new character names, new traits, new landscapes, new horizons, new perspectives, everything new. nothing rehashed. its entirety, an original masterpiece born out of trying


I had a dream... that I was on a stage with a microphone, facing the 7 odd billion humans of earth, and I clearly remember thinking in my dream that a picture of this breath-taking view could possibly become thee most shared photo in the world... simply tagged #us

come on

everybody love everybody...

do you need more than that? do you need a fuller sentence? a 500 page-scrolling bestseller? media hype? to put a face and a name to it? 1 trillion followers? all the pies and your brother’s wife? ... everybody love everybody, as simple as it sounds, is the solution to most of our human stuff

human syndrome

we’d been friends since I was 5 years old. we’d been in the same class and school for 12 years. he was hands down, the funniest guy ever, a potent raw humour, unmatched and never fully tapped. I watched as the love and then the laughter leave his being. I watched him plummet from courage to fear in a slow frame by frame movie, each second lasting a lifetime, and then slowed down even further as to seem as if time is standing still. I sit there and look at the slice of change to the now that is visible to me, and I feel as if I want to slide the ether right and regress his life to a point where he had all his hair and it was all messed up, full of grass, cheeks red of laughter and stomach muscles no longer able to cope with the none-stop-giggle-laugh he’d been having for the past almost hour now... the sun is burning his 12 year old skin, there is nothing right now that is bothering his mind. his face paints the picture to his thoughts, it is visible also just in his eyes. his life is the perfect answer to my childhood question on seeing the passed-out man on the pavement down the road from where we stayed, wanting to know "how does a person get like that... evens?" ~ sometimes we go and chill on the beach, he’ll get in the car with a smile, fist pump me and then, almost immediately, break down in tears... heavy days bra... his thoughts now paints the look of regret, anger and hate on his face... he is my brother, and we are experiencing this one love together

heavy days

I felt a heavy energy of the tainted kind, disrupting the vibrations, love present fully but muffled by the will of the ill-intentioned youth, claiming right to lament the hurt of his brethren, not his fight neither his war, yet he flies a flag with forced, almost fake passion, that he easily discards at the site of the money train. he is my brother and we are experiencing this one love together

vuil nai

I litter sometimes. sometimes I litter my mind, but today though I decided not to litter, and that tiny drop of a decision will go on to form part of the invisible litre of effort, that forms part of the endless ocean of change


one day there were two friends, one love and numberless. growing up they were like this-and-that, always together... but after numberless’ umpteenth birthday, he started to show signs of wanting to count. one love saw this but thought nothing of it, as he always does. but then one day one love asked numberless to go with him to the far place to make the happy things, but numberless was getting tired of doing happy things in the far place, he wanted more stuff in the there place, his this in the my that, he soon started to tally grass and bread... and when one love asked him "what are you keeping score of?" numberless, not even looking him in the love says "give me all your one love"

jerome wasn't built in a day

he has the look of a man living on the street. his rent a mere 50 rand for the week, a wooden three by two sitting on the property of a woman who needs the extra two hundred per month. the details of his fall from positive bank balance is strewn over the course of 12 short years, owning many properties and businesses, looking great, smelling fresh and feeling on top of the world, a series of choices seemingly in his control leads him down the path to homelessness and then contemplative solitude. I ask him about his family, some live as close as the next suburb. he has grown children and loving parents. he says one day during labarang, that he saw his dad drive past the streets he walks everyday, jerome made as if he never saw. his dad paused the car, took a quick glance and then drove away slowly. jerome says "I think he just wanted to see me with his own eyes... " he chops and saws wood as part of the many odd jobs he takes on daily and is quite well built, when stripped down to his nakedness you will be surprised to find the physique of a swimmer, complete with 6 pack and killer thighs, he covers his body 24/7 with a one piece always-dirty overall. he wears dreads and making eye contact with him, will set off a smile on his face every time. he watches me living my life and I’m watching him living his. neither is good nor bad, neither is righter nor wronger. we are placed exactly where we need to be. the control most think there is in choice is the same lie believed by those who negate the fact that cells divide without your permission... he leaves me with "be grateful. you never need to say anything, we have forgotten how to speak without words"

mo fire

2.4 kilometres in under 10 minutes reduces a squad of nearly 2000 hopefuls right down to a few hundred. the prelim before the test begins for all firefighters. clyde has been to trials for the past 5 years and makes it every year. his goal is to become a fire fighter. its all he can speak of and all he wants to do for the rest of his life. he gets moved around during the course of 5 years to all the fire stations in the 021 and eventually lands in roeland street... things are looking up

on one of his off days, he decides to take a walk to the local rasta to get some bag weed, they sell it in five rand sections, wrapped in newspaper the size of about a swollen thumb... on his way home the luck of the draw gets him searched by a patrol van and he’s taken in for "possession" of mostly stalks and seed. another sad day for our democracy. he spends the day in a holding cell and released the same night on one hundred rand bail. when he gets out, he feels like nothing but a warm shower and a hot plate. his weed craving has totally left him

the real sting comes when his record is pulled as part of the fire department’s due diligence. already having served 5 years with this charge, and after fighting numerous fires, working late shifts and giving a 150%, he is asked not to return to work for his contravention of the law, worth a meagre five rand, picked up after nearly five years in service as a seasonal fire fighter

the only way to clear his name is through a presidential pardon. our president, at his soul’s discretion can absolve this hard working fire fighter and restore him to his fire fighting glory. the thing that bugged me most is that less than half of our fire fighters will pass a blood test containing no trace of thc

he has made peace with it though. his life has moved on, but he will never be able to fight another fire in the 021... and sitting opposite him on the see-saw of our legal system is a tiny little five rand section of bag weed. I seldom enjoy the thought of the few serving as the example to the many. while the many can grow, sell and smoke, the few serve as the reminder that there is a european law governing our african souls, one we take to heart, teach to our children and use as justification to enforce our will on others

but aweh

bond age

awakening from a dream to know her time of feeling the knowledge of being. through cervix into bondage spawns another shoot on the tree of humanity. shrivelling before her time to fully flower, she witnesses the rest of the branch flourish, seemingly stuck in her human form. she is my sister and we are experiencing this one love together


her meal courses through my body. her nutritional options shaped by design. her choices clear, and still, she is persecuted for being. today I sat still while she took as much blood as she needed from me. not even mine to give, I sat as still as the earth does when we take from her. the mosquito is my sister, from another other, and we are experiencing this one love together

3 guys walk into a one love

he got in close to observatory. the guy occupying the front seat of the quantum closest to the window didn’t want to be pushed into the middle front seat, with no back rest, he quickly jumps out and ushers the new passenger in. a few robots down the unthinkable happens. the middle man unpacks a kit-kat with 4 strips, without saying a word, he cracks off one finger and hands it to the driver, cracks another strip and hands it to the guy to his left, and then immediately munches down on the two strips left over. he pretty much killed it in that one gulp. I wasn’t sure if he was hungry or really smaaking for some chocolate but his consideration during his breaking of the bread routine still had me captivated. none of those three knew each other. the driver after swallowing his last chew gives him a "shup bra" without taking his eyes off the road. the guy to his left with a still chocolatey mouth reaffirms the driver’s sentiment with an "aweh bra". he gets off at claremont and that was that. the driver never said a word to the other passenger all the way to wynberg. chocolate was shared and love was returned. the end


so lets say about half the people in mzansi watch the news, and lets say tonight there’s a three minute piece about some prominent political person slapping another in parliament. over the next few hours, days or even weeks, that message gets repeated, ending in something like... "did you hear about... " and so the story, which originated from an insincere intention, is transferred to the next me, and the sonic boom reverberates through the nation, verbally, digitally, mentally and otherwise.


the pace that you choose is the choice you confuse with the mould that you use... and like a lack of discipline produces effects that seem to creep up on you like a leave in the night, newly formed and seemingly not there the previous morning, you will wake up one day and find yourself loved... and so so happy. I’m soema excited for you!

visions of a backspeen

last night I was standing in front of the few odd billion humans, looking at the reflection of my self, and then in the clearest human tone, an ant sitting below me said "and me, do you not see me as part of your reflection?" I put my hand over the mic, knelt down and said "am I talking to you or are we having a conversation in my head?" he slapped me with "your humility has not led you back to the mountain human, because you refuse to dismiss advances in human technology... but you forget human, that your technology is limited to human knowledge, just a few short books in the last few thousand years, that entire contribution a scribble on a post-it note, under a pile of infinite and timeless works"


courage might not be the perfect antonym to fear, but let us for a moment say that she is...

the young man who entered the blazing building and rescued the unconscious woman, must have been extremely brave! bravery then seems to be irrational, as going toward fire is not rational behaviour, based on this, it’s pretty safe to say that a suitable candidate for an antonym of phobia could easily be courage. if this be the case, why has courage not littered our language with more references to lean on? like the hundreds of suffixed phobias? why are there so little adequate variations to describe courage, as there are for fear?

a few over privileged, seemingly bored students at the university of the 021, have been misguided ever so slightly. when did the statue start bothering who? a false sense of entitlement seems to have had her way... love might not have created or erected that statue, but it was definitely not love that tore it down, that attention seeking behaviour is the opposite of courage

but aweh

see no phobia

all of three minutes was spent trying to trace the origins of the word xenophobia, the thinking just under two hundred years old it seems, then wrapped in a sub domain of fear, ready to be spread. how can a phobia exist without something to displace the meaning into? how else could the idea spread? xenophobia is like a barometer of the general sense of mind. as ignorance is massaged out, self respecting education takes root. as the amount of minds susceptible to the idea of xenophobia diminishes, the idea fades, and more people begin to see no phobia... the perfect breeding ground for one love

5000 pages ago

many moons ago, a spring in the ancient mountain of the sleeping giant could be found bleeding fresh water. the fringes of the sea dressed in green grass, the only source of nutrition necessary for sustenance of human life. the spring flows still and the green grass still lines the shores... today that place is known as cape town, and the ancient mountain stands still, as she did then, a facial feature of the earth beneath our everyday feet. her ancient beauty will remain... long after we are gone

she's the one

she lost her virginity at 14, by 18 she had slept with more than 80 different partners, mostly male, by 22 she was already over the trance scene, by 26 she had pushed so much variations of synthesised chemicals and poisonous alcohol through her system that her skin’s natural glow had faded and left huge bags under her eyes, at age 30 she was still partying hard, trying to relive those early 20’s late night and full weekend extravaganzas, by 34 she was starting to slow down, but only starting, 20 years of bad habits had conditioned her mind and body, after 20 years of all of that, you don’t just meet a good man, settle down and live happily ever after, but that is secretly what she longs for now, no more bright lights and party drugs, cheap thrills and heartache, what she longs for now is peace, within the loving arms of someone who can still see the human in her, the beautiful soul beneath all the experience love had concocted for her... she is my sister, and we are experiencing this one love together

dedicated to a young lady who died inside the body of a living soul


life lessons dressed in a love bearing the resemblance of pain... mother nature’s creatively cruel fashion sense

moer drai

rolling the dice onto the open tar, he releases the pair with a flick of his wrist, for effect, but unfortunately in vain this time, a young lady is squat sitting on the edge of an imaginary ring, she knows her man can take this next hand, everyone is focused on the fall of the dice. without the dice, it would seem as if they were all standing in a circle, just staring at the blank tar, their body dance is the only clue to a passer by, that a game of double dice is in session, a swiftness in both opponents, a dance of sorts, a spurring on of luck with a push of the pelvis and purposeful and passionate point to the sky. his gaze now fixed on the eyes of his opposite and not the dice, because he would rather get the news of his loss straight from the eyes of his other me, than look down on the changing fortunes of love

we only get what we give

translation level: impossibleness

if you can read these words and see through my mind, then you can use your mind to see through your own, how in your imagination all the different minds on earth, must be thinking so many different things and ways, that a law to govern such a varied network seems narrow and minded by those that have no good intentions of willing the want of one love. if god is everywhere, then she is also in the object of your judgement


fearful minds spreading hate like a trend, the game of copying the next want, binge diets of photo credible occurrences, of shared experiences, acclimatizing to a mould that cares not for the shape of one love... like the girl who took a plane, to take a pic, to tick a box, to show that she too, can evens...

easy for ever

it shocked me how easily the truth had revealed herself once I saw the other side of what I was thinking to be wrong, learnings locked into leaps of faith from rocks of inbred thoughts, how many days must I still depart from my self to learn my new now? the story never ends mos...

the final hour

reducing the work of any great artist or band to just their lyrics, stripping out any duplicate chorus or verse, each song written as a paragraph, you should be able to get through their entire life’s work, reading normally, from start to finish, in just over a few hours... more or less

kak short mini series: s1: e1 - e8

s1 e1
his clothes wore the look of a man that was either well traveled on earth, or into the farthest reaches of his mind

s1 e2
I had just quickly jumped off to take a piss, and when I looked again the entire train of thought had carried on without me, was I getting older or slow enough to see how fast that train was going?

s1 e3
she used travelling as an escape, but mostly from judgement

s1 e4
quick to find fault but slow to find love – these are the days of some lives

s1 e5
greatness without feeling or taking responsibility, is dik brasse with one love

s1 e6
leave some pointers for the ones coming behind us, enjoy the view and don’t forget to be nice to the everybody

cape flats snap shot: our dark side in day light

daylight audacity, like something out of a reality... we’re about to make a calm right turn at a four way intersection, an undercover police vehicle pulls into our side, 45 degrees into the turn, the driver speaks to denny through the passenger window, its 6:14pm in the evening, light as day, his car is blocking the paused vehicle to his right, who is now unable to turn left... the aggression of the driver and his passenger could be felt through the car... the two occupants look nothing like police officers, they have the look of death in their eyes... both in full recognizable view, I will never forget their faces... denny’s two year old daughter is strapped into the front seat, I’m at the back and was about to be dropped off after a quick trip to the shop. the driver in the white chevrolet shouts out "bly jy hier... do you live here, waar bly jy.. bly jy hier?" and revs and edges his car into our way, barely touching us, his intent was clear... denny floors the car, we start flying down the avenue, he pauses at the approaching four way in his mind and races over it without stopping, all the while picking up speed, he gets to the top of the avenue and is about 1km from his home, he makes a sharp right and then a hard left... home straight, these guys are not fucking around, they come about his right side but are forced to duck behind us because of the narrow road and on-coming cars... we fly over another fourway, this time, forcing the driver on the left to brake really hard... I unstrap mia from the front seat and bring her toward me, she thinks its a game, these fukkers have no value for human life, all we care about is getting her out of harm’s way... we’re fast approaching denny’s drive-way, they slow down after we’d pulled in and stop about ten houses down... he pulls the car all the way down into the driveway and then without looking and before getting out says "take mia inside... " and heads toward the gate, he calls over the neighbour’s son and stands in front of their house, looking down into the street at the car that was just chasing us, the car is paused, after a few second talk with some locals, a third passenger gets into the back and their car slowly drives toward denny’s house, by that time, denny and three locals, one on a bmx, where hovered in front of his driveway and the gate closed behind him... the car rolls up slowly, stops in front of the house and the middle of the road, the passenger calmly gets out and points at denny "virdag is jou fokking lucky dag brudder... " the driver paints the portrait of death with his stare, the mystery guest in the backseat is the son of an important someone, he, knowing denny from "the area", eases their minds with his rank and reassures him that denny is not a threat and in fact a "friendly" – before taking off the driver looks at denny and says slowy "jy’s fokking lucky... " and slowly, very very slowly pulls away...

now... who tries to hijack you in broad daylight, and then after chasing you down and forcing you into your driveway like a rabbit, stops dead in the middle of the road to tell you that you’re lucky – let me tell you something people, these guys are the real deal, soldiers, the true essence of what it means to be a "dala rot", their energy is real, their intentions clear and their courage unmatched... this sort of fearlessness is not rare on the cape flats... and after inquiring we had discovered that they were after the car, a silver vw polo, we escaped to tell the tale, but tonight, someone somewhere in cape town, driving a polo specifically, will feel their energy, just as we did, and those ones might not be as lucky... .

I really admire their fearlessness, when the driver spoke, I had no doubt that what was happening was the real deal, clearly ge’drug and more than likely ge’british... today’s little escapade helped me to move closer to an understanding of a question that has been in mind for years now – "if it’s so easy to infect people with fear... how can we infect people with love?" – something inside tells me, that those same two brothers, channeled toward the ends of one love, would strike love into the fear of any man’s heart...

they are my brothers, and we are experiencing this one love together

cape flats snap shot: 30 something generation of grannies

her mother pimped her out when she was about thirteen, carving a hole through her soul... by 23 she had had four children from different fathers, she’s unable to know for sure who the various father’s are, such was the onslaught her body was exposed to... her eldest daughter is expecting, but what exactly can she expect?

when I was kid, I remember she and her brother coming to our gate for food, she would never speak, but always smile, a beautiful young girl almost ready to be over powered by the will of ill-intentions. I never skimped on their requests either, some people like to give leftover foods, nah bra, I used the best food we ate to feed them, and with a non-existent father and mother who’s mind is not much focused on their children’s well-being let alone nutritional intake, her body never stood a chance and her mind followed suit...

she passed me in the road yesterday, I barely recognized her, her face painted the picture of the visuals being replayed in her mind... could you possibly imagine a kaleidoscope of her thoughts as a visual on your computer screen? can you imagine what her mentality looks like? I doubt she’ll see 50... and no one will care

she is my sister and we are experiencing this one love together

ingenious genetics

engraved in the genetic record is the versioning data of all life

how can I know that I am evolving if my genes have no record of where or what I have come from?

as genetic instructions are upgraded to adequately reflect their updates, genes become aware of these changes and appends this data to its seemingly unlimited storage capacity, while retaining all upgrade information of any previous incarnations...

that’s a lot of data

laugh love learn, repeat

no one likes meeting at 3:47pm, most people say "lets make it 4", I’ve never ever met anyone in my entire life that was willing to meet at 3:47pm, the exact time has no special significance to me other than its complete randomness, and after only a few short years on earth, I decided that whomever didn’t find this meeting time a complete weirdity was going to be my bestest friend – after I told her that story, we’ve never been apart...

she has all the answers

hey guys and welcome

remember in our last sesh, we spoke about being judgerag, the art of having your mentality held captive in a state of judgement, the actual word judgemental paints a very colourful picture of how your thoughts are being hijacked, in an effort to partake of a concept, experienced by no other living organism known to man... judgement is like a programmable virus, that seems to have made its way out of god’s mind and into our fickle minds... for those that don’t know, there are some humans that know what god is thinking, they form part of the billions, who like romeo and juliet, can fully understand the mind of their creator shakespeare, from whence they came

your brain is designed to have reflex like responses to how it has been programmed, if any question doesn’t immediately invoke a response and causes you to pause even for a second, the concept itself is not clearly defined in your mind, but more importantly, it fails the polarity test, it’s opposite is missing from your memory... but why?

the following acid test has only two questions and should take the average human three seconds to answer each question respectively. good luck!


1. what is the opposite of hot, love and happy?

2. what is the opposite of business, judgement and self pity?


question 1 should produce instant results based on your programming

question 2 should have most thinking for a few seconds, unsure, searching google for answers, asking a friend, but the knowledge of its counterpart is not instantly accessible to your programmable mind... why is that?

opposites inform...

well that’s it for today kids, don’t forget to be nice to the everybody and I’ll see you all again next time

letting grow

in loving memory of infatuation

his words had pierced her perspective
flattening her expectations
leaving her lying in a pool of her own thoughts
where self pity consumed her completely
left to die inside of a dream that once was...

Q & A

if you could live anywhere on the planet
then why the lump don't you?


searching online
for answers that lay within

"let the record show that I tried
before I died to the tides
of what if's and why's"

one love

s/o to my parents for having sex that one time